What I Packed: UK and Ireland in the Spring

Every new trip is like a new challenge for packing. Did I pack correctly this time? I swore ten days in England, Ireland, and Scotland would be different. I swore I would take exactly the right amount of outfits and they would all be warm enough for Spring in said countries. Now let’s see how I did…

What to Pack for UK and Ireland in the Spring


New bag alert! I finally splurged on a new travel backpack and I loved it. I went back and forth on size, and the 46L Ospery Backpack ended up being perfect for minimal-ish packing. I like to pack light, but I also wanted to have room all in the below. This was the perfect carry on size. 


Spring does not mean warm! I brought one warm, rain jacket and ended up wearing it the entire trip. It is the white jacket in all the photos. Make sure you bring a waterproof jacket! I can’t recommend that enough.  


I brought two pairs of jeans and a pair of yoga leggings. I am a big fan of the Align leggings from Lululemon. They never stretch and are perfect for travel days. 


Shirts ended up being rotated but i wore a lot of long sleeve shirts. Bring long sleeves! 


I brought one pair of tennis shoes and one pair of short, comfortable booties for walking in. These were  great options it was so wet, I needed waterproof options. When in doubt, bring waterproof! 


A scarf and a light pair of gloves were other must-haves for this trip. It is easy to layer and add neutral accessories like these to make a big difference on windy days.


I, of course need to bring journals! I packed one small spiral journal for myself, and then 2 small spiral journals for friends who had requested one for the journey. I normally bring a leather journal, as this is my more desirable size, but the small size of the journal really works for week-long trips. Its really easy to fill it up! I will share a post on the postcards from my trip soon (or find it on Instagram) so you can see what I packed my journal with. 

Packing Verdict – how did I do?

All in all, my packing has come down to packing less than I would think I need so my bag is not overflowing, and that seems to work for me. I think it was a lot colder than I had anticipated, but all in all I was blocked from the rain and wind as much as possible for springtime in UK and Ireland. Remember less is more!

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