What I LOVE About Journaling

You know I love journaling, but have I ever really told you why? I think as we embark on the week of love, it can feel very cliche to go on and on about those we love. And trust me, I freaking love my husband! But I also think it’s important to share the hobbies and ideas that we love as well. The things that make us tick. And one of those things for me is journaling. 

If it’s not totally clear, I LOVE JOURNALS. I’ve loved them for most of my life, since I was in 2nd grade and received my first one with a teddy bear on the cover. I explicitly remember writing in it about my day, what I did a recess, and who my best friend was. Riveting I know, but I think i’ve always been hooked on the idea of looking back on those memories again and again, and how truly special that is. 

So now I have boxes full of old journals, all from different stages in my life and from different travels I’ve been lucky enough to go on. I want to share a few of the reasons why I love journaling so much so you can hopefully pick up this small, beautiful hobby for yourself.

A Great Way to Remember the Past

Although I don’t think you should live in the past, I think remembering the moments that make up your life (or your trip if this is a travel journal – I will use this idea interchangeably) are very important. The glue dots and photo corners included in the Pack This Journal help you keep everything in place that you may want to remember: The receipt from the best restaurant, the postcard from your favorite location, ticket stubs from an unforgettable concert. The little things matter, and if you have these in your travel, along with a few words about what you saw, did, smelled, heard, etc, then you will remember the past far more easily. 

It’s a Place to Vent Frustrations

Unfortunately we’ve all been on trips with friends or family that weren’t going our way. Or had experiences in our life that need to be shared privately. I’ve been there a time or two and my journal really came in handy.  A journal is a great way to get out those frustrations for the trip and people, without putting a damper on the day. Or you may be having things going on in your personal life you just don’t want to share. A journal is a great place to share your sadness and worry. To get it out can feel very good no matter what the situation.

Write Out Current Thoughts and Goals for the Future 

I tend to do some of my best goal setting when I am journaling when I am traveling. I know it sounds crazy, but I think when my mind is clear of stress and worry from the day-to-day grind, I can really dream about what is going on in my life and what I want for the future. I also use mornings as a time to dream and goal set. When you are away from distractions and truly writing, it’s amazing what you can dream up. Give it a try! 

It’s Fun to Read Through Again and Again 

As I mentioned, I have boxes full of old journals. One of the best things to do is read through them. Sometimes they are cringeworthy, sometimes they make my heart soar with how much I’ve changed and grown. No matter what, you learn something from it. You discover a little something about you in the process of reading back on those memories. I recommend going back to your old journals once a year, so you can see the progress you’ve made and where you want to go.

My hope in sharing this I may inspire some of you to start seeing the good in journaling and begin writing a journal for yourself. Whether it’s for a short trip or a daily practice, you can find a reason to love journaling for you!  

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