A summer weekend in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Hello hello! I know it’s been a LONG time since we last got together like this, and as I mentioned via social media ( are you following me on @PackThisJournal – if not, you should be!) I have had some pretty serious health stuff go on with my family. I wont bore you with the details here, but please pardon my absence . My hope is as things get back to normal, so will my posting!

One thing this fluke accident has taught both my husband and I is the need to sloooooow down. To enjoy the simple moments that seem so fleeting in life. We recently went on a trip to Steamboat Springs, CO where we really didn’t have anything planned. We knew we were staying next to a hot spring, but other than camping, we had nothing else set in stone. So arriving Friday afternoon and leaving on Sunday were our parameters, and from there we figured it out as we went. Add in the beautiful June Colorado weather, and we truly had a magical weekend.

Below are the top stops I would do again when in Steamboat – and I think you should do them too!

My Top 5 Steamboat Springs List

1) Strawberry Park Hot Springs

We camped at the the Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Most people don’t even know you can tent camp there, but they have a variety of camping spots and even a few cabins and covered wagons you can rent! We had campsite 4, and it was literally the best. Recommend it if you can! It is right off the hot springs so we could easily go back and forth to our campsite and the pools. I also liked that we were close to the parking lot (which is where the showers actually were) so we could easily go back and forth. Stay here was incredible with the rushing river next to our tent and included Weber BBQ.

The hot springs themselves were crowded but worth a visit. With 3 different pools (HOT, warm, and freezing cold) people were spread out between them. Follow the those who are jumping in the frigid cold water and then jump in the warm pool. Hurts so good!

2) Fish Creek waterfall and hike

It seemed to be the hike that popped up when we googled “hiking in Steamboat” so we got up early, as we read to do, and made it to the trailhead of Fish Creek Falls Trail by 8am. It is an out and back trail located near just outside of town. The best part: the waterfall is about 5 minutes into your hike! That never happens. You can hike all the way to the lake, but we decided to hike for an hour and then turn around. The trail started getting really crowded on our way back, and once we got back to our car we saw why it was important to get there early: parking was TOUGH. So definitely arrive before 9am if you can! But the waterfall is worth checking out, and hiking was beautiful and moderate hard on the well maintained trail.

3) Steamboat Springs rodeo

We heard the rodeo was in town for the summer and had to check it out. I think this was my first ever rodeo! For $20/person to enter, it was well worth the hours of entertainment. Just good ol’ American fun. As the sun set over the mountains and we watched calf wrestling, I thought, “It’ doesn’t get much better than this!” So much fun and so worth it for an evening.

4) Storm Peak Brewing Co.

Everywhere we visit in Colorado, we try to find the best brewery. Steamboat had a few, but my favorite was Storm Peak. We stopped here on our way into town. We liked the atmosphere and the beer selection was great. The pizza place next door was also excellent!

5) Steamboat Main Street

It might be obvious, but I want to make sure you take the time to explore the main drag of Steamboat. it is full of cute shops and restaurants, and worth meandering through for a few hours. I highly recommend stopping at F M Light & Sons (you will see the signs on the way into town) for great shopping.

Please note: I am sure things change in the winter! This was my experience in the summer, but I would love to hear what is great to do in this bustling ski town , as well .

What my journal looks like:

You know i can’t go on any trip without bringing along my Pack This Journal! Things I collected on this trip included:

  • Stickers from the breweries we visited

  • Entry tickets to hiking the Fish Creek Falls

  • Rodeo entry tickets

  • Strawberry Park guide to camping given to us at check in

I definitely could have saved more receipts from our time walking around in downtown Steamboat. Never forget an opportunity to grab something for your journal?!

Have you been to Steamboat Springs? What was your favorite part?


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