Two Months of Jack Walter

Two months. It feels like I was JUST writing his one month recap and in so many ways, I was… but it’s crazy to think his age has doubled since then and here we are again. This last month was a total blur with family finally able to visit from California and settling into our new home. I can’t say the month was truly eventful, but in ways it was some of the most exciting in our lives. Celebrating our two year wedding anniversary, moving into our new long-term home, seeing Jack change each and every day. Life is so sweet, I never want to forget this time we’ve had together.


Jack is growing so fast, and at our last appointment was already 11 pounds. What the what? We are going to be graduating to bigger clothes and bigger diapers before we know it. In the last few weeks he has started smiling all the time, loves when my hair tickles his face, and is getting so strong with tummy time. He even rolls over if we prop him up just right. Soon he will be out of his swaddle and in his own crib, not snuggled up next to our bed in a bassinet. I look forward to the day of uninterrupted sleep, but already worry about those long nights in the crib across the house from us. Is this what motherhood is? Constant worry and unrequited love? I know he


I believe it’s been two months with our little man. In this time over turmoil and unease (thanks to COVID), he is a shining light for all who meet him. One thing i’ve notice is how people will stare at him, and you can tell they are remembering their kids being so little. I want to soak it up in the same way they are. We’re doing our absolute best to remember every snuggly moment with him, to remember every little squeak and coo, and to never wish away these days. Most of the time we can’t remember life without him and I’ve got to say, we find ourselves saying, “He’s the best, we’re so lucky” a hundred times a day. We feel so grateful to be doing life with this smiley, sweet boy. Two months down, a million more to go.

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