Today, I feel lucky

As the world goes into a craze about COVID-19, I can’t help but interrupt the regularly scheduled blog content to say a little something that is on my heart today. Because not only do I use this blog and A Little Bit Adrift to post about the benefits and behind the scenes of travel and travel journaling, but I also like to use it as a sort of journal for myself, and a way to look back fondly on the memories that were made during that time.

One way many will remember March 2020 is the pandemic sweeping the world. I’m sure I will do the same, but one thing that is weighing even heavier on my heart is the mass hysteria around it. I’ve stopped watching the news, stopped filling my time on social media. It probably needed to happen anyway, but I’m happy to report I am feeling much better without the 24/7 news cycle. And with today being St. Patrick’s Day, what is truly on my heart right now is how lucky I am right now. And if this is what I remember from today many years from now, I hope it brings a little light to me or someone else as the reminder we have SO much to be grateful for.

A few things I am grateful for today

I feel grateful to have a husband I love spending all my time with. I’m thrilled to practice social distancing alongside him! We have a growing bundle of joy joining us in a few short months, and knowing the three of us are safe and happy is all I can truly ask for. They are the greatest gifts in my life.

I feel lucky to have a safe home to “quarantine” in, one that I love, that I own, and that I don’t need to leave anytime soon.

To have a job that allows me to easily work from home, and understands my need to stay safe at this time. It allows me to have the money I need to pay our bills, and our lives are not being interrupted.

I feel lucky to have our family in Colorado, California and Washington safe and sound, counting their blessings by being happy and healthy.

Money and so many resources in the US to get all the groceries (or TP) we may need to keep our family fed and clothed.

Lucky to have friends to rely on near and far with scary thoughts and silly questions.

And on and on I go! I hope you use this as a way to start your gratitude list for the day, month, or year. I have a little journal I keep by my bed that i’ve used for years, but today it felt particularly important to share this with the world. We have so much to be grateful for, to feel lucky about, to say thanks for. I hope you remember that today and everyday.

  1. Linda says:

    Grateful for a roof over our family’s head n food on our table and pray that continues! Grateful for our God who is all knowing n has this all planned out!!

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