Three Months of Jack Walter

Something tells me that every time one of these posts comes around, I’m going to be wondering how in the actual heck another month has passed…. and it will be that way for the rest of my days, because time is flying. The days are long but the years are short adage has never felt more true. The months are blurring together but so wonderfully full.

Milestones of the month

Oh man, I’m trying to separate last month from this month! Jack weighs about 13 lbs now, so clearly the record heat in August here in Denver helped our boy grow! He’s outgrowing his 0-3 month clothes, and we are delicately putting them away “just in case.” We’re laughing (and crying) at how the things he used to be swimming in are now just too tight. He loves to talk and coo, and talks back to us each time we say hello. He recently discovered his hands and tries to shove the whole thing in his month, almost in awe that they are there and attached. Dad loves holding her in his lap and singing silly songs to him

Mama Update

It’s been two weeks since heading back to work and dang, has it been conflicting emotions. I struggled on maternity leave with the desire of wanting to work and feeling like that desire made me a bad mom and so to be able to devote even a few hours to work without feeling guilty has been a huge blessing. We’re still trying to figure out the best schedule for our fam.

Mom has struggled not being in control all the time, and I knew that would be something I would struggle with in motherhood. I want to be on the go all the time, as this is what I’m used to, but Jack has other plans. From feeding, to napping, to just having an off day. Trying to take him on my first solo outing with a new mom friend turned out to be disastrous as he cried the entire time. I left feeling like a failure, but know now the attempt is always worth it. I tried, I did all i could to make him and myself happy, and it didn’t work. Each time will get just a little easier.

Month Three Summarized

I feel like we are getting into our groove. We are so close to be sleeping through the night, which is an exciting milestone to get to. The dropping off at Nana’s house has been a dream, and we feel so lucky to have that option for Jack right now. And going back to work. I know things can change day to day, but as a person who thrives on routine, I would say month three was all about getting into a routine. I know each month will get easier and just more fun, and we still feel so lucky to have this guy in our life. Thank you, Jack, for letting me be your mama.

PS: you can read more about month one and month two with Jack!

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