Travel journals are packed full of special moments. Collecting the real items from our adventures remind us of the experiences that make up a life well-lived.

In one journal, you can keep your words and your things.

Collect everything your travels bring: the card from your favorite restaurant, the receipt from the bus you took outside the city, the plane ticket stub that took you exactly where you needed to go. Everything has a memory attached to it!

Then use Pack This Journal to curate and chronicle your entire trip.

Now you have the Pack This Journal

Everything you need is included...

-Use the premium pen to record your thoughts, doodles, and ideas
-Glue dots and Photo corners hold your tangible mementos securely in place and alongside your prose

Use the pen to write your words, and the included glue dots and photo corners to add the items to your journal. The pages offer space to write, doodle, glue, and track every moment of your trip. This is your journal, do with it what you want with it!

Spiral Journal

The original Pack This Journal. Perfect for your next adventure, and can be easily written on any surface (i.e. bus, plane, train) It goes where you go! 

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Kids Journal

Keeping your kiddos happy during your travels is tough. The Pack This Journal for Kids has activities for all age groups.

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Leather Journal

Our premium option. The vegan leather Pack This Journal is sleek and stylish for your luxurious travel getaway. 

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Plane tickets

No matter where you go around the world, if you are going on a BIG trip, a plane is usually involved. And as you start your journey, and have you Pack This Journal in tow, make sure you start with adding your plane ticket. it is the first step in this amazing adventure, so glue it in (after landing, of course) and get ready for an amazing adventure.


These are the old school way for you, your friends and family to remember your journey. But if you still love postcards -grab 'em and glue 'em in! What makes the place iconic? You can probably find a postcard for that! 

Train & Bus tickets

Just as you would keep a plane ticket, keep those train and bus tickets are excellent and meaningful additions to the Pack This Journal. They help you remember the the little trips within a trip that took you where you need to go. Save them all and add them to your journal.


Receipts. You get them with just about anything you buy. Great meals, interesting souvenirs, awesome drinks. Instead of crumpling them up and tossing them, save them in your Pack This Journal. it never hurts to remember your best meal from a trip!

business cards of people & places

Business cards are an easy thing to grab as you're leaving a particular business, restaurant, shop or from a person you met in one of these locations. Business cards often have address and logos on them - perfect to job your memory if you ever want to go back again!

Visa documents

Oh the little things. Visa documents can be a real pain to compile. Eventually, you may get that visa or paperwork back. Save it! Those random countries get a coveted passport stamp, why not save the documents that got you there in the first place.

itinery paperwork

You spend a lot time planning a getaway. Why not remember the little details of the trip? Where were you on a particular day? Where did you stayed? What car rental company did you use? All can be saved for eternity in the Pack This Journal.

pressed leaves & flowers

Maybe you are more of a nature collector. Finding those beautiful leaves or flowers from a trip are a great add-on to the Pack This Journal. Adding an even more sentimental touch to your journal, these natural items will remind you of the beauty that is traveling.

Coasters from bars & restaurants

Just like business cards and receipts, coasters can be an excellent addition to the Pack This Journal. Often embossed with a restaurants logo and address, you can remember the best meal of the trip (or remember where you spent a night buying the bar a round of drinks). 

What to Collect