The One New Year’s Resolution I Made This Year (and My Word of the Year)

I am not one for New Year’s Resolutions. I am more of a fan of goal setting all year long and think the idea of doing one BIG goal or resolution for the year is tough for anyone, no matter how diligent you are, to keep.

But this year, I have a few ideas in mind I want to share with you. As I embark on the next phase of Pack This Journal, I have a resolution to write more here on this blog, with YOU in mind. I used to blog and write on my old blog A Little Bit Adrift all the time, with so much passion and diligence. But I slowly got away from it as my life was consumed less by travel and more by family. I am thrilled by where my world has shifted in the last 10+ years, but I also haven’t given myself enough mental space to decide where I wanted this passion project and business to go.

So this year, I am going to be sharing more with you. I am working on at least 25 blog posts in the first half of 2022. From business ideas and happenings, to journal inspiration, and a little bit of my personal life mixed between. I miss sharing within this medium and am excited to see where this can go this year!

2021 – Husband, Jack (18 months) and I.

Word of the year

Every year, instead of focusing on New Years Resolutions, I come up with a word that I want to embody that year. For example, last year my word was PRIORITIES. I wanted to have that word in mind all year long, the first year of my son’s life, to ensure I wasn’t focusing on the wrong things. I kept that word in mind all year as I grappled with wanting to do and be more. But it didn’t matter, I had my priorities and goals for that in mind and that is what matters.

This year, my word for 2022 is THOUGHTFUL

Thoughtfulness has so many layers. Your initial inclination might be being thoughtful to others, which I definitely want to do. But it is also being more thoughtful with myself. More thoughtful in my interactions. More thoughtful in how I spend my time, in how I speak, in who I speak with and share energy with. I want to be doing more deep thinking and this embodies all of that to me. When time and mental capacity is limited, am i being thoughtful with what I am doing with it?

If you need help picking your word of the year, I found this post to be really helpful!

The Big Picture

As you start thinking about the new year, what resolutions are you contemplating? And instead of a resolution, maybe consider a word of the year. I love the idea of the word to have an overall theme for your goals and set a direction for the new year ahead.

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