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Danielle is a writer, blogger, and a part-time globe trotter. She has traveled to over 35 countries around the world, and created a journal using this style of journaling in almost every destination. Once a contributor to the Huffington Post, Danielle got the idea for the the Pack This Journal as a way to create and inspire more meaningful travel through the little things we seem find on any journey. She created the journal to encourage anyone and everyone to embrace the small, meaningful moments in our lives.

Meet Danielle

creator of Pack THis Journal

Pack This Journal

Collecting the real items from our adventures remind us of the experiences that make up a life well-lived. Now you have the Pack This Journal.
In one journal, you can keep your words and your things. Collect everything your travels bring: the card from your favorite restaurant, the plane ticket stub that. Then use Pack This Journal to curate and chronicle your entire trip.

Who's Here?

Pack This Journal and Danielle's audience is 65% female with the majority of the people being between the ages of 25-44. 
-Desires to travel and aspires to seek out new places
-Wants to create memories, chronicle her travels
-Understands and values the importance of writing 
-Likes looking back on her travels as she ages
-Prioritize travel in her personal/family budget
-Views travel as part of her value system 
-Feels ok being “unplugged”  while traveling
-Likes to explore the local customs while traveling

Pack This Journal Details

Leather Journal
Size - 6 X 8 inches (15.24cm x 22.86cm)
Page Numbers - 100 pages of lined paper
Twist top black ink ballpoint pen with Pack This Journal logo 

Spiral  Journal 
Size - 6 X 8 inches (15.24cm x 20.32cm)
Page Numbers - 100 pages of blank paper 
Twist top black ink ballpoint pen with Pack This Journal logo 

Kids Journal
Size - 6 X 9 inches (15.24cm x 22.86cm)
Page Numbers - 100 multi-use pages 
Colorful pen includes 6 different colors 

Strap Details - Black elastic band to hold the pages in place
Glue Dot Details - Double-sided acid-free adhesive dots for permanent bonding. Bonds to most surfaces including paper.
Photo Corner Details - One-sided, self-adhesive black corners for square corners.

Coming Soon - Add ons
Coil Clip add in
Glue stick add in
Pouch add in
Polaroid camera

Colors & Logos

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