Big Media Features – May 2020

A few media features from May 2020 that are so big, I couldn’t wait to share them with you here on the blog! I am lucky enough to get a lot of fun articles and press around the Pack This Journal. Most of it on smaller blogs and news sources. I am honored to be featured by those who share my vision and message of more meaningful travel – no matter what travel looks like to you.

But this month, I got some BIG news! I was featured by both Forbes and American Express! What!? These are sites I frequent often, so it was really neat to be included in some fun lists. Read below to learn about both!


I can’t believe I even get to write this. The Pack This Journal for Kids was featured in Forbes as on of the best products to help inspire the love of travel in your kids. Featured along with some other great products and ideas, to be on a Forbes list is a dream come true.

And if you haven’t seen the Pack This Journal for Kids yet, you can shop it right here on the website or on Etsy.

Read the Forbes Article Here!

American Express

American Express does some awesome things for travelers, and the AMEX Essentials site is no different. They have great articles and lists including Top 25 Uplifting Books and History’s Most Inspiring Travel Books. I was asked to take part in the their series about female solo travelers and their most funniest travel stories. Scroll over #7 to see my story.

American Express Essentials Article Linked Here!

So, how did we get featured?

For American Express, it was an old contact from previous blog posts at A Little Bit Adrift that reached out to me.

And as for Forbes, have you ever heard of HARO – Help a Reporter Out? It is a great resource for getting your name and product out there. They send out daily emails in all sorts of categories, with a goal to provide journalists with sources for upcoming stories. You speak with the journalists directly if it looks like what they need (I.e. story ideas or content) is something you do. It is a great resource I can’t recommend enough!

Other BIG media features

Some of our other big media features are listed below for your reading pleasure.

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Side Hustle School Podcast

The Huffington Post

view my media kit here!

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