Living intentionally right now (+ December goals)

Something that has been weighing on my heart and mind a lot in the last few months is the idea of “living intentionally” and what that truly means. You can Google, YouTube or find on Pinterest a plethora of ideas and notions of what living a life of intention is. But let me tell you what it means to me.

Living a life of intention looks different for everyone, but for me it means evaluating my values and passions and aligning my life to those principles. I’ve done a lot of work over the years to discover what my values and passions are, and I encourage you to do the work to discover yours.

Intentional living isn’t a one-time choice. Literally every decision I make should be made intentionally. I should always be searching out my goals, values, and passions. That’s the thing about intentional living — it’s intentional. Easier said than done, right? Well, we all have to start somewhere.

What does intentional living look like to me?

It looks like setting goals you care about and then taking steps to make sure they happen.

It looks like getting yourself into a healthy place mentally + physically.

It looks like reevaluating relationships and pouring into the ones you care about.

It looks like practicing good habits that will help you to live a life of meaning.

What does that mean right now?

This year has been a true dance. From having a baby, to running a travel business during a time when people couldn’t travel, my life has utterly shifted in ways I planned for and in ways I could have never seen coming. So I want this last month of the year to feel good and whole and like I am working towards something to start 2021 off on the best foot. So my December goal is to live as intentionally and aligned with my values as possible. Here are a few goals I have:

  • No more social media – I am shutting down my personal Instagram and Facebook page for the months of December. I use these platforms as a time waster when I don’t want to do what matters.
  • Going to bed by 10pm and up at 6am – so I have more time to myself to work on the projects I care about. Or just going for a run!
  • Journal everyday – even if that means bullets, small paragraphs or long pages, I want to get my thoughts and i ideas on paper again.
  • Finalize my journal course – so much to do to get this ready to launch January 1, 2021. The only way to do it all is be very purposeful with my time (you can sign up for the waitlist here to be the first to hear about it!)

These may seem simple to you, but right now I have been doing the opposite of these – so time to start living my values and doing things with intention in mind. Who’s with me? Who’s ready to end 2020 on positive note?

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