Inside the Pack This Journal – What’s with the glue dots?

I often get asked, “What makes the Pack This Journal different from other journals?” Well, we all know I have a unique perspective ( I am the one who designed it!) but also because it has become everything I wanted in a travel journal. With its spiral binding, which is easy to fold over to write front and back. The pockets to hold loose items. The strap that holds everything in place as I am running from one location to another, and the pen loop to keep a writing utensil handy at all times.

But one of the things that really makes the Pack This Journal unique is the glue dot sheets that are included with every single journal. Let me explain what these glue dots are and why they are so important to the Pack This Journal as a whole.

What are glue dots ?

According to their website, Glue Dots are double-sided adhesive dots and an alternative to liquid glues, hot-melt glue guns and tapes. Glue dots are:

  • Easy to use no matter age or ability

  • Acid free and photo safe

  • Non toxic and kid friendly

  • Instant bond and mess free

Glue Dots are available in a wide range of temporary, permanent, and super-strength adhesive formulas that are specifically designed to make projects around your home, school, or office simpler. Available in rolls, perforated sheets (these are in the journal), and Dot ‘n Go dispensers. The best part: unlike liquid glues, glue sticks or putty, Glue Dots Adhesives never dry out and need zero drying time, so they’re always ready.

How many glue dots come in the Pack This Journal?

Each and every Pack This Journal includes multiple sheets of glue dots to stick in your treasured ticket stubs, receipts, business cards, and more. You will receive two sheets of glue dots in every small journal, and three sheets of glue dots in the large journals. That is up to 36 glue dots per journal! Our research shows that you use about 12 glue dots on average per trip, so this amount allows for multiple trip use.

Another wonderful part about glue dots is that each dot comes in individual perforated squares, so you can use just one at a time. These means you aren’t wasting dots or glue you aren’t needing.

What can you do with the glue dots?

That is the best part about including the glue dots in the front pocket of every Pack This Journal: you can do anything you want with them! Glue dots aren’t messy or gooey, so you can bring them with you in your small bag along with the journal. They won’t spill or make a mess, but you always can have them on hand to add in your items on the fly. From plane ticket stubs to itinerary paperwork, with the Pack This Journal and included glue dots, you have everything you need to make a memorable journal.

Have you used glue dots before? I want to hear what you’ve used them for in the comments below!


Which One Should You Pack?

Spiral Journal

kids Journal

leather Journal

The original Pack This Journal. Perfect for your next adventure, and can be easily written on any surface (i.e. bus, plane, train) It goes where you go!

Keeping your kiddos happy during your travels is tough. The Pack This Journal for Kids has activities for all age groups. 

Our premium option. The vegan leather Pack This Journal is sleek and stylish for your luxurious travel getaway. 

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