Inside the Pack This Journal – What are photo corners?

So what are photo corners? According to Create for Less, “photo corners are used in paper crafting projects including scrapbooking, card making and altered art to adhere photos to paper. They are triangular shaped pieces of paper… with a sticky adhesive on the back.”

As I finalize Version 2.0 of the Pack This Journal, I continued listening to friends and customers who explained they were craving more from the journals. More types, more accessories, more quality. So I am giving you all of that and more, and now every Pack This Journal starting in August 2019 will include a sheet of photo corners, along with the glue dots!

Why photo corners?

So why am I telling you about photo corners? That is the exciting part: a sheet of photo corners (24 total) are now included in every journal! This is truly to enhance your experience with the journal as a whole. How so? Glue dots run out quickly, and we wanted you to have more options for how you can add in your items to the Pack This Journal.

For example, postcards are one of my favorite things to collect when I travel. I try to get one in every city, because I believe they can give you a tangible image to remember. Photo corners are perfect to add in these post cards as well as anything with a squared edged. So if you feel like you were running out of glue dots with the Pack This Journal now you are going to have more options for how to add your items.

How many photo corners come in the Pack This Journal?

All versions of the Pack This Journal, including the leather, spiral and kids versions have one sheet of photo corners, which is 24 corner. Every version of the Pack This Journal will include the following amount of glue dots:

  1. The Pack This Journal for Kids includes 1 sheet of glue dots, 1 sheet of photo corners, and 1 sheet of passport stickers

  2. The leather Pack This Journal includes 2 sheets of glue dots, and 1 sheet of photo corners

  3. The small spiral Pack This Journal includes 2 sheets of glue dots, and 1 sheet of photo corners

  4. The large spiral Pack This Journal includes 3 sheets of glue dots, and 1 sheet of photo corners.

Got that straight? I know it’s a lot, but I want to offer you variety in your purchases. Glue dots, photo corners and pens can also be purchased on their own in the accessories shop!

Now that you know about photo corners, what do you plan to use them for?


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