Inside the Pack This Journal – What’s with the pocket?

The Pack This Journal has had many iterations over the years since its inception in 2017. From different sizes, paper weight, covers, to all different text and lists.  To say it has evolved and changed over the years is an understatement. So when the leather version of the Pack This Journal was being designed by yours truly about a year a go, I knew I wanted to make some adjustments to the pocket compared to the spiral version.

So, What Pockets are Included in the Pack This Journal?

The first few versions of the Spiral Journal and Kids Journal had a small pocket on the front and/or back of the journal. It’s made of similar cardboard material like the cover. They are really handy for holding the glue dots, stickers and photo corners. 

With the leather version, the new spring-like pocket is in the back. What’s so great about it is it can expand with the items you collect. And this pocket expands to be very wide as you will see below!

How many pockets are included in each journal?

At this time, each journal, no matter if it is the leather, spiral or kids journal has only one pocket. The spiral and kids pocket is in the front, while the leather journal pocket is in the back.

The pockets are an important part of the Pack This Journal because not only are they there to hold the glue dots, photo corners and stickers, but they are there to hold are you collected items as well.

Why are pockets important in a travel journal?

You may not always be able to glue in the items you collect as you go, and sometimes have to wait a few days to get your journaling done (I know i’m guilty of that!) So pockets in your travel journal allow you to collect as many postcards, receipts, and business cards that you’d like, and not feel rushed to have to journal or glue them in. Consider the pocket as away to collect your memories for safe keeping until you can glue them onto the pages.

I also use the pocket as way to collect everything. In the end, I may not glue every single thing I find along my journey in my journal. But I grab items just in case I may want them. Think business cards from a fun shop – I may not write about that shop and need to glue in the card, but at least I have it for future reference if I need it later.

All in all, pockets in the Pack This Journal are a great addition to help you collect the items you find along your travels. Now get adventuring and start collecting the items you want to remember along your journey.

Which One Should You Pack?

Spiral Journal

kids Journal

leather Journal

The original Pack This Journal. Perfect for your next adventure, and can be easily written on any surface (i.e. bus, plane, train) It goes where you go!

Keeping your kiddos happy during your travels is tough. The Pack This Journal for Kids has activities for all age groups. 

Our premium option. The vegan leather Pack This Journal is sleek and stylish for your luxurious travel getaway. 

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