How to Create a Kids Travel Journal (when you may not be traveling right now)

Traveling may seem like a far off dream right now, whether you are reading this during the current COVID-19 lockdown or you have multiple kids (or heck, even one) and the idea of hopping on a plane to a far off destination seems pretty very far fetched right about now. Whatever the reason is you aren’t traveling at the moment, chances are you need something fun to do with your kids. So why not create a Kids Travel Journal now for you and your little one to look back on? No time like the present to begin making memories!

Below I’ve outlined where you can go with your journal, some ideas of what you can do with it, and ultimately why this is so important – more now than ever!

Where can you go?

Right now, the idea of your kids travel journal is not about going far – its about going deep. Take a walk around the park by your house, create a make believe adventure in your backyard. Use the journal to document everything you see along the way, or what you WANT to see. Heck, make it up! It doesn’t hurt right now to believe you are traveling all over the world and picture those places as you write and explore in your journal.

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What can you do with a journal?

Make believe is your best friend right now. Below are a few options of things you can do with with your kids travel journal:

Start before take off

And if you are planning on going somewhere in the future, glue in the latest itinerary, write notes about what you are looking forward to about the journey with your kids, draw out images how you imagine your trip will be and what you will see. Use the journal to build anticipation for the future!

Writing prompts to end the day

Here are a few prompts to get you started on documenting your daily adventures:

“Today, the best thing I: Saw, Heard, Smelled, Tasted, and Felt was _______” 

Bullet journal style. “Today we went to the _______.  I saw _______. I tasted _______. I talked to _______. ”

The GLAD prompt. “Something you are Grateful for, something you Learned, something you Accomplished, and something that Delighted you.”

“The peak of my day was  _______. The pit was _______ ”

Use the journey jotter as a guide

The Pack This Journal for Kids (hint: the journal I think is the best) has options to write down things you heard, liked, smelled, saw. Use this a s a guideline. Think about what you would hear, see, smell in Rome, or London, or New York. Let kids use their imagination to

Why is it important?

Right now, you and your kids are home. They are itching for things to do (check out my post about adventuring without leaving the house if you need more help on this) so give them they adventure (with a journal) that they are looking for and make it something you can look back on again and again. This time is precious, and you will want to remember how their imagination ran wild, either in your own backyard or a far off destination. You won’t regret writing this stuff down for the future and spending this time with those you love the most.

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