Girl, Let’s Go – A Free 5-Day Travel Challenge

Is traveling more in 2020 towards the top of your bucket list right now? I thought so (and don’t worry, if it isn’t I’ll explain why it needs to be!) Let’s be honest, our life is is constantly changing and full of chaos, and it’s not easy to prioritize travel. So I created a mini challenge to get you motivated to plan just about any trip, vacation or getaway that has been weighing on your mind.

So, I’ve got you covered friend, I want this year to be your favorite year and I truly believe that the best way to have a full life is to travel. Don’t let the money, or the time, or other people’s judgements of what you should do scare you. This is your time!


Here is exactly what you can expect from this challenge:

  • You’ll get 5 short emails delivered to your inbox daily walking you through trip planning 101.
  • Each day you will have easy, actionable steps to take to help you book your next trip.
  • This mini course will be easy (but challenge you!) and provide a place to start growing for you through travel..
  • Not sure if you want to travel? I’m glad you asked. I’ll talk about why you probably should.
  • Wondering how the heck to get started? Location? Tickets? Timing? Yup, covered.
  • More worried about your budget than anything else? Noted. But I’ll tell you how to get to any trip.
  • Looking for organization help on a trip you already have in mind? We will do that too!

Take it from me, a girl who went from traveling to 2 countries in her 20s to over 35 countries and six continents 10 years later. I know this stuff, I know your hang ups, and I’m here to teach you my tricks. It’s important to prioritize travel and I am setting the time aside for you right now.

Don’t let other people’s opinion, money, or time be the thing that stops you now.

Trust me, you’ll want to accept this challenge. Are you in?

What past challengers have said:

I was always scared to travel on my own, but I always wanted to do it. With the Travel Challenge, it was the push I needed to get moving. It walked me through the process step by step, and I went on my first SOLO trip to Costa Rica last year! – Jessica

The thought of planning a trip can be exhausting, but when you break it down day by day like this, it is truly so easy. A weekend getaway has been booked! – Sara

Scared to travel? Not me. I’ve been all over the world by myself and with my kids. But this challenge was the push I needed after a serious travel rut to plan something simply for me. I thought I needed to travel all over the world, but what I really needed was a weekend trip to a serene neighboring city. This challenge showed me that and more! – Marta

Join the free challenge and you can be another success story!

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