Before You Leave Packing List (part 2)

It’s here! Another packing list to help you plan and prepare for any trip. You may not be going anywhere on a plane anytime soon (thanks COVID-19!), but it doesn’t mean you aren’t leaving the house. Or at least dreaming of leaving the house, amiright? So to get you excited and ready for your next trip (because, let’s face it, we need something to look forward to right now), I am sharing a new packing list with you!

 Today, you get the Before you Leave – the day before you leave packing list, so you can start prepping and planning even more for that next rip.

Why this is helpful 

You began to prep early for a trip in my last packing list postbefore you leave week before list. Now it is the day before and you need a handy checklist to make sure you have all your bases covered. This is not about packing your clothes and underwear, this packing list is making sure you don’t forget the little things that truly need to be remembered and done the night before. Again, the more prepared you are the better, that way you can truly enjoy stepping away. So the night before is here, and now you need to make sure you got every little thing done. Ready to see what’s on the list?

How to access this packing list

Simply click on the link below to access and print the PDF. It’s that simple! No asking for your email, no questionnaire to go through. This is my gift to you. By using these lists my hope is that you will start prepping for any trip, and bringing your Pack This Journal along, will make for a more satisfying travel experience. Enjoy! 

Get the Packing List

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