5 easy travel journal prompts to get you started

Not everyone is a journal lover, I get that. It takes time and patience with yourself to start a journal, and often times starting can be one of the hardest parts. This is why I have put together 5 tried and true travel journal prompts to get you started. Whether you purchase a Pack This Journal or not, or just use your own lined or blank version of a journal, know that once you get started it is hard to start! So here are 5 prompts to get you going on your next trip:

Write about your anticipation. 

What are you looking forward to most and least, before you go on your trip? it is fun to reflect back on this later to see if the trip held up to hype. What are you anticipating most about going? The food? The people? The solitude? Write it down to reflect on later.

What are other people happily talking about around you?

I tend to write the most detail in my journal about what I am eating or cool things I find at markets. Turn that view around and look at what other people (especially locals) are excited about. Even if it is something well known to you, it may be rare or special to other cultures. Observing others is a great thing to do for yourself AND your journal.

What is going on in the world? 

Sometimes (ok all the time) the world has a whole lot of stuff going on, and it may be weighing heavy on your heart. Maybe you are in a particular area because of these things going on. I know i traveled and tough abroad in South America when I found about their education system. It was a passion project for me, and as soon as i got to Ecuador, I spent a lot of time journaling on what was going on and what I was observing. Sometimes seeing what is going on in the world around you will help you appreciate your own world just a little more.

Write about the advice you were given before you left. How is it stacking up?

On the same note as what you were anticipating, you will see a lot of people will offer unsolicited advice for you about their amazing experience on a similar trip. Either before you leave or as you are on the trip, write down that advice that you were given. Has it helped your trip or hurt your trip? Would you trust that person as a resource again?

Record the highs and lows of each day.

What was the best and worst parts of the day? Sometimes daily reflection can take off the burden of writing in your journal. Maybe the highs were a simple glass of wine by yourself, or stranger helping you with directions. Writing down the best thing that happened and also thinking about the worst thing that happened (maybe its nothing!) each day simply makes you feel more grateful for what you’re experiencing. Enjoy every minute of your adventure.

These journal prompts are just a way to scratch the surface to get you started writing a travel journal. Need more help? Follow Pack This Journal on Pinterest to see more of my journal prompts, inspirations, and more!


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