5 reasons to start waking up earlier (especially as a mom)

We are all busy. Isn’t that the new M.O.? I am not going to rattle on about how to prioritize your life. You know this stuff! But as someone who’s always considered herself to be a relatively productive person, things shifted drastically when I became a mother. Suddenly, it wasn’t all about me and my schedule, I had to work around what was best for Jack. And what was best for him was getting up at 6am, which used to be my wake up time. But as a morning person, when you’re getting up when your kid gets up, when do you have time for yourself?

This meant I had to shift and reprioritize.

Here are 5 reasons you should, too, should consider waking up earlier this week:

journaling on a table

You take care of yourself first

You know the saying “you can’t fill from an empty cup?” Well this couldn’t be more true. When you wake up earlier, you are taking care of the person who needs it most at that moment… YOU. So often we’re running around taking care of other people. It feels good to take a few moments to yourself first thing in the morning.

You Set Goals and Accomplish Them

When you’re up earlier and the day is quiet, it gives you time to focus on your goals and have the time to accomplish them. I’ve been using a version of this goal tracker (file-make a copy to save for yourself) and it has been so helpful in setting goals and making them a reality each and every morning.

Routine is life

Your daily routine¬†influences so much of the quality of your life. Your sleep schedule and bedtime habits affect your mental sharpness, performance, emotional well-being and energy level. It’s best if you can maintain a consistent time for waking and going to bed. Better health is a result of just a little extra planning.

You Sleep Better

Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day helps your natural sleeping cycle and you will feel more balanced. So set that alarm for the exact same time each and every day – even on the weekends!

Ahem, more time

I know it seems so simple, but to have just 15 more minutes in your day makes such a difference. That is almost 2 hours when the week is over! Do that quick yoga class, read the book you’ve been putting off, make an extra special cup of coffee. Whatever brings you joy, make it a priority!

A final thought

As I started waking up just a little earlier, I found some great benefits of being an even earlier morning person. I’m not saying I am getting up at 4am, oh no. My alarm is set for 5:25 each morning. And if that means working out, great. If that is just reading, wonderful. Journaling to get some anxieties out? Great. And honestly if that is snoozing for just a few more minutes because I need it? That’s ok too. Use this time for you and what you need. I can’t wait to hear what you do with it.

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