4 Simple Items Most People Don’t Include in Their Travel Journal (but you should!)

Many people think when they create a travel journal (if they even think about creating one at all) it has to be full of words and details from your trip. Taking time away from living in the moment, because you have to write (in exquisite detail) all the happenings of your trip. But that’s not true! All too often, we are throwing away or leaving behind simple items that we should be including in our journals. Whether it be for a weekend trip or a longer sojern, here are 4 simple items most people don’t collect for their journal but should.


A staple at almost any bar around the world, the coasters I am talking about are small cardboard trays placed under a bottle or glass to protect the table underneath. Well, most of the time places that have coasters don’t have tables that need protecting, so you might as well take one with you after your drink, and put in your journal to remember one of the bars or restaurants that stood out to you most on your trip.

Business cards

I often collect business cards in little shops that i stop in as I am traveling. It is a great way remember where I bought that little artisan item that is so unique. You may not realize these shops and other businesses often have business cards. It is a great keepsake to remember a fun conversation you may have had with the owner of the shop/bar/restaurant you visited. Now you never have to remember to write down contact information, just grab and glue in a business card into your travel journal.


Normally something you crumple up and throw in your bag, receipts can be a great addition to your travel journal. You often receive one anywhere you spend money, so you will be surprised how receipts can add up and create a connect the dots of your trip. The place you stopped for that delicious espresso, the best indian food you’ve ever had, the museum that changed your perspective on art. Receipts come in all shapes and sizes, and are great to add to any journal. Bonus: if you have any sort of credit card issues, you know you still have the receipts in your journal for safe keeping!

Your Itinerary

We often print out our itineraries, even if it’s just for a day trek or the plane ride. Why not save these pieces of paper and add them to your journal? I think itinerary paperwork has logistical details unlike any other, and can help you remember so many important things when you look back at your journal again and again.

BONUS! Anything and everything that can be glued on paper!

Don’t read too much into this. Whatever you do, and whatever you collect, that item is perfect for your YOUR travel journal!  If you like to sketch, glue those sketches in there. If you like stamps or postcards, throw them in your journal! If you like it, then put it in your travel journal.  No matter what it is, you want to love it!


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