4 Reasons You’ll Like Keeping a Travel Journal (I promise)

It’s no secret I am a big fan of travel journaling. Heck, I started an entire travel journal business , I love journaling that much. But I know not everyone is as excited about journaling as I am. In the early days of Pack This Journal, I had a lot of friends tell me they “just weren’t that into journaling.” I know keeping a day-to-day journal can be tough in its own way, but I want explain today why keeping a travel journal is so worthwhile and something you will actually like to do. You’ll be surprised how different a travel journal feels in your routine, compared to the regular journal that you may be dreading. So let’s dive in before you leave for your next trip and forget to pack your journal!

Reason #1: The memorabilia you’ll collect

A travel journal is the perfect place to curate and collect all the little items you gather on a trip. In the Pack This Journal, we include glue dots and photo corners to help you keep everything in place, as well as pocket to keep your stuff organized before you are able to glue it in. But you can do this with any journal! Just remember to collect the receipts and ticket stubs you find as you go, and glue them in with your own glue stick as you write about each experience This memorabilia is so special, and you will be amazed at how it will spark so many memories in the future for you.

Reason #2: The random conversations you’ll have with yourself

I use my travel journal as a run on conversation with myself. Feeling scared? Alone? Tired? Happy? This is all documented in some random way in your travel journal. It’s a good way to get out some of the fears and excitement you are having on your journey, without having to share it with anyone else. You may be at your most vulnerable moments, and it is great to work through that in your own way and in your own time. Looking back, you will see your growth throughout the journey. It is amazing to see!

Reason #3: You’ll never eat alone

A big fear I hear about traveling alone is that you have to eat by yourself (dun dun duuuuun!) But with a travel journal by your side, you will never eat alone again. You always have something to look through and to write in, to add to, to update. It is one of the most precious books you will ever own – one full of your memories. Update it often, maybe every meal or every evening. It is your trusted companion now!

Reason #4: Inspiration – now and forever

A travel journal is one of my favorite things to read. If I am looking for travel inspiration, I can reread journals from the times I have stepped outside my comfort zone to travel, and seen the fear and growth I’ve had. Travel journals are an amazing way to look back and look forward. Where have you been and where do you want to go? Hopefully these journals continue to inspire you by seeing you can go on these amazing trips.

Now, go book that trip!

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