4 Reasons to Love Journaling Again

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Let’s be real; it can be difficult convincing someone who’s never journaled to “keep a diary”. Unfortunately, there is an old “middle school” stigma among many people that claim somehow journaling is “dorky”. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and it’s unfortunate people let such silly semantics keep them from a fantastic asset to their explorations. So what is it about this activity that makes it worth the time and effort? Well, trust us, it’s a great activity that will really enhance your travel experience. So here are four reasons you’re going to love travel journaling!

You’ll Thank Yourself Later

A travel journal is a fantastic way to keep track of all the little details that you will invariably forget with time. As we age and fill our brains with more experiences, we tend to “water down” our memories. Journaling is a way to ensure they stay fresh years later when you want to look back on your travels and share them with others. Memories fade, but a collection of detailed journals will be around way after you’ve forgotten the smells and sights of your grand tour.

It’s Good for Your Mental Health

Traveling is a great experience for personal and mental growth. Keeping a journal according to Psych Central can help to clarify your thoughts and feelings as well as help you get to know yourself better. Journaling about your adventures can also help you learn to problem-solve better and reduce your stress while you’re out on the road. No one likes to be stressed on vacation; use it as a way to decompress and de-stress.

Its An Outlet Like No Other

While some people journal for others to read, a travel journal can be a very personal way to record your thoughts and experiences in private. It’s like having a best friend you know for sure won’t be gossipping about you. Having a place to write, sketch, draw, and jot down thoughts that is your own little sanctuary can be a fantastic way to record your grand adventures. And if you have a special, custom journal, you’ll be able to call it truly one of a kind.

You’ll Be Amazed At Your Personal Growth

Your first day stepping into a new country can be thrilling, but also mentally exhausting. Journaling on the go is a great way to keep track of tricks you’re taught while in the country or learn the hard way. Perhaps there’s some slang that will help you get around faster, or you found an indigenous meal you love but can’t pronounce. A travel journal can be a great way for you to not only keep these secrets recorded but also for you to use and learn from on your next trip as you ever expand your horizons.

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