Use All 5 Senses in Your Travel Journal Story

As you experience your travel journey, you may forget to truly absorb every moment. Since journaling requires us to stop and slow down, it allows us to reflect on these special moments and capture them more clearly in our memories. What better way to capture those moments than to write about all the senses that are awakened?

How do you feel?

Travel can bring about many emotions. You may feel stress as you are preparing for the trip, curious about what to pack and what routes to take. But those feelings turn to excitement when you see your first glimpse of the ocean or reach the top of the mountain peak. Capture these feelings of joy and maybe include how you overcame those struggles during the planning stage.

What do you hear?

You get used to the sounds that surround you every day and learn to ignore the ones that can be annoying. When you reach your destination there will be new sounds. Maybe you are used to the traffic from a nearby road near your home, but now you are in the woods where the silence is deafening, or the sound of an owl captures your attention. Or you may be lucky enough to hear a local band. Describe these new sounds and the wonder that they bring.

Can you touch it?

When traveling to a new destination there are new things to touch and feel.  Maybe you’ve left the city and ventured to the ocean at a low tide, where you can touch the tidal pools and surrounding plant life. Or you find the perfect trail with giant redwood trees that seem to call out to you for a hug. What does it feel like? What can you touch to feel this tangible moment?

What do you see?

Sight is probably the most mentioned in your travel journal.  But instead of just writing about it, how about adding some images to the page?  When you roll into Yellowstone, for example, can you really describe what Old Faithful looks like to someone who has never seen such a thing?  Will you remember in 10 years?

How does it smell or taste?

Every new location has its own smells. Heading out on a trail surrounded by large trees in the fall or spring will smell different than just after a rain in the summer.  There will always be local food delicacies for us to sample. Cities with street vendors and food carts can overwhelm you with their aromas.  Food types in the north are totally different than in the south. What was your favorite local cuisine? Pictures added here will also help you remember, or a recipe if someone is agreeable to share with you.

Travel journals can be full of more than describing the place you visit.  Make it more dimensional by incorporating all your senses.  When you read it many years from now you will be transported to that very space and find a large smile on your face.

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