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We help travelers of all ages create beautiful memories with unique travel journals

Why Pack This Journal?

Because your travel experience includes so much more than the perfect sunset posted on Instagram #nofilter

Pack This Journal is on a mission to revive the travel journal.

Don't get us wrong. We fully appreciate shared images of crystal clear oceans, city skylines, or your expertly crafted espresso drink while you explore the world.

But, we believe that chronicling your experience goes beyond your social media feed.

Journaling with Pack This Journal allows you to connect more deeply with your travels, capture your memories, and preserve your experience in real-time. 

It's a tangible and sustainable way to archive your stories and mementos for yourself and future generations.

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Pack this Journal

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Which One Should You Pack?

Spiral Journal

kids Journal

leather Journal

The original Pack This Journal. Perfect for your next adventure, and can be easily written on any surface (i.e. bus, plane, train) It goes where you go!

Keeping your kiddos happy during your travels is tough. The Pack This Journal for Kids has activities for all age groups. 

Our premium option. The vegan leather Pack This Journal is sleek and stylish for your luxurious travel getaway. 

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