Hi, We’re Pack This Journal.

We help travelers of all ages create tangible, beautiful memories with unique travel journals.

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Why you ❤️ Pack This Journal


Enjoy Journaling Again

Travel Journals are packed full of little, fleeting moments. We need tangible things to reflect on our adventures, and remind us of our investment; in the experiences that make up a life well lived.

Now you have the Pack This Journal. In one journal, you can keep your words and your things. You can pack it full of whatever you want, and the memories that are attached to specific items. Use the pen to write your words, and the included glue dots to add your items to the journal.

The pages offer space to write, doodle, glue, and track every moment of your trip. The lines are there to keep your organized, but disregard them if you need. This is your journal, do with it what you want.

I encourage you to collect everything you see: the card from your favorite restaurant, the receipt from the bus you took outside the city, the plane ticket that took you exactly where you needed to go. Everything has a memory attached to it, so use it. 

True travel experiences outlast our thoughts about the places we go. 

Pack This Journal attempts to hold in place the essence of all that you see and do.