3 Ways to Use Passion to Motivate

Can you imagine attempting to motivate or inspire an audience without demonstrating emotion and passion as part of your pitch? Let’s look at three ways you can use this to persuade and motivate your audience.

What Makes You most Excited?

If you want to be a speaker who excites audiences, start by turning a common question on its head. "What do I have a passion to speak about?" Your first thought is what you should focus on in your side hustle. For example, maybe your side hustle is a sustainable gluten-free, vegan cookie business. If you love the sustainability aspect of it, then focus on that. Sure, being gluten-free and vegan is great, but you will be more excited to talk about the parts you love the most. 

Use Simple Words That Sound Like You

No skill is more important than using simple language to create your message. Speakers often use sophisticated words they think will impress. But great speakers use common words that can make an impact, rather than trying to say too much all at once. Your passion will shine through if you use the language that sounds like YOU. 

Arms Wide Open

Your skills, personality, your sheer joy at presenting, and the emotions you share, are the currency of a truly motivational speech. Business speakers generally tend to be too careful and timid—afraid to speak with full emotional commitment because they don't want to look and feel like they care too much. Come into your pitch or speech with arms wide open and with an open heart. You never know who you will touch with your story. 

Let listeners recognize the passion in your words, see the emotion on your face, and wear your heart on your sleeve. A passionate person is a motivated person. Make your audience motivated to follow you. 

Takeaways from this blog: 

  • Passion is important to motivate any audience
  • Know what makes you most excited about your business, and talk about it
  • Use words you know. Don't try to be someone your not. 
  • Come into your speech with an open heart and open mind. Say what you believe.
Danielle Nelson