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Creator of the Pack This Journal

Danielle is a writer, blogger, and a part time globe trotter. She has traveled to over 35 countries around the world, and created a journal using this style of journaling in almost every destination. Once a contributor to the Huffington Post, Danielle got the idea for the the Pack This Journal as a way to create and inspire more meaningful travel through the little things we seem find on any journey. She created the journal to encourage anyone and everyone to embrace the small, meaningful moments in our lives.

If you are looking for more about Danielle and her travels, visit her travel blog at or contact her here.

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How it all started…

I've been sharing my travels over the last 7 years on my blog, A Little Bit Adrift, explaining travel has changed my life. From grand adventures to weekend getaways, I've used my blog as a personal diary. I always hope to inspire you to travel, but it also serves as a walk down memory lane for me. The blog, and this life I've created around it, is something I am incredibly proud of. 

It wasn't until 2017 when I finally realized how to incorporate my love of travel with my love of journaling and writing. This is how (and why) the Pack This Journal was created, and I share many of the same stories and elements of ALBA and Pack This Journal together. They are my true passions, and I am happy for you to get to know both of them! 

Danielle is the creator of the Pack This Journal. The idea of this journal started 10 years ago, with just a glue stick and a dream. Now after 35 countries, and six continents, this journal idea has been duplicated again and again.